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Golf Hitting Mats

The feel of real grass for a natural swing

You want your golf hitting mats to match the look and feel of a natural tee box – and that’s exactly what you’ll get with Tour Greens synthetic turf. Our custom-designed golf mats are the closest to the real thing and provide year-round durability that real grass simply can’t match.  Our golf hitting mats are ideal for use as driving range mats or for backyard use.


ultimate tee mats

Ultimate Tee Mats

  • Commercial grade hitting mat
  • Unmatched realism for a natural feel
  • 5/8" foam pad backing for comfort
  • Durable 110 oz. nylon fiber
  • Will hold a tee

fairway mats

Fairway Mats

  • Durable 55 oz. nylon fiber
  • 5/8" foam pad backing for comfort
  • Commercial quality mats

driving range mats

Driving Range Mats

  • Short-pile nylon with holes for rubber tees
  • Multiple hole placement provides versatility and longevity
  • 5/8" foam pad backing for comfort