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Cost Advantages of onelawn Synthetic Grass Lawns

onelawn Cost Advantage

Installing a synthetic lawn from onelawn® is an investment that pays for itself!

While the initial cost of installing a new synthetic grass lawn is more expensive than re-sodding your yard, a sod lawn has recurring costs (watering, fertilizer, gas for mowing, aeration, seeding, a gardening/landscaping service, etc.), while the artificial lawn requires minimal ongoing maintenance.

Let’s talk about return on investment. If you install a new sod lawn today, you’ll have no guarantee after it’s installed, watered and fertilized, that it will stay green through the summer. onelawn® synthetic grass will always be green and beautiful!

By installing a new synthetic lawn rather than a new sod lawn, you will see a return on your investment in as little as 4 years.

Many San Francisco Bay Area municipal water districts are offering valuable rebates to homeowners who choose traditional sod alternatives. Save money by installing a onelawn® synthetic Lawn!