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Synthetic Turf Systems


As a certified installer of XGrass turf products, onelawn® has access to a wide variety of innovative artificial grass styles for all types of lawn and landscaping needs.

Advantages of onelawn Synthetic Lawns

  • Variety of styles to match indigenous grasses
  • Increase curb appeal and home marketability
  • Convert your non-usable space
  • Vacation homes no longer require lawn care

Superlawn Xtreme Blend™

  • Polyolefin blades with polypropylene thatching layer
  • Made up of two colors of synthetic grass blades (evergreen & light green), and two colors of thatching (light green & light brown)
  • Using decades of sport turf technology as a guide, the monofilament blades have been developed to not only look and feel like real grass blades, but to also have the resilience and durability required to withstand intensive use and wear. The artificial grass blades, extruded to have the look of grass, complete with a blade “spine,” will return to the upright position after being walked on.
  • Due to dispersed light reflection, the reduced glare on the blades means lower heat gain (one could even say the blades are “heat resistant”) and lower sheen – providing a natural look and feel.
  • The blade length of 2 inches means a “blowing in the wind” look and a soft-to-the-touch sensation.
synthetic xtreme blend
Superlawn Xtreme Blend™

Superlawn Xtreme Summer Blend™

Offers the same features as the Superlawn Extreme Blend but with an additional color synthetic grass blade - lime green. The color variance in both the blades and the thatching layer leads to a more lifelike appearance.

blade close up
Grass Blade Close Up

St. Augustine Elite™

  • All the benefits of the Luxury line, but with a special texturized polyolefin thatching layer
  • Made up of two colors of grass blades, evergreen & light green, and one color of thatching - tawny.
  • The thatching layer for this grass is made by taking the monofilament grass blade and texturizing it down (using heat and pressure) to create the curly, dense, shorter thatching length – which results in greater strength and durability

Today’s leading synthetic lawn turf products feature thatch zones that help keep fibers in the upright position and create a more realistic looking product with a decidedly more “green friendly” design.

synthetic elite blend
St. Augustine Elite™