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Synthetic Grass Lawns - SurStay Engineered System

The simple truth of infill is that the fewer blades of grass used per square inch, the more infill is required to keep it standing tall. Even without infill, you can see that our synthetic grass product beats the competition in overall blade count, making an instantly thicker blanket of grass for your Bay Area home.

Superior Synthetic Turf Systems

Similar to the different qualities of bed sheets, where a higher thread count means a silkier, softer texture, a higher “blade count” in our artificial lawns means a softer, thicker, more lush look and feel. Learn more about our synthetic turf systems.

SurStay™ Engineered Installation System

Our SurStay™ system has revolutionized the artificial turf installation process. This specialized method, developed after extensive research and field testing, delivers a safe and secure perimeter while stabilizing the body. Your onelawn® installation will be performed by factory-trained, tenured craftsman who will deliver a hassle-free experience and peace of mind.

Patented Duraflo® Backing

surstayOur Duraflo® backing material is made from 100% polyolefin material and is up to 50% more permeable than perforated urethane backed products. Synthetic grass with Duraflo® is 100% recyclable.

Superior Crushed Granite Substrate

The foundation of onelawn® is composed of superior crushed granite substrate which always maintains its structural integrity and offers excellent drainage and compaction.

Specially-engineered SurStay™ Installation

onelawn® synthetic lawns are secured to our edge system using no-rust, galvanized steel perimeter fasteners and high-quality binder board, providing a perfectly secure edge around your entire lawn.